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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Find Jennifer on the Web

This page links most of my sites, a quasi home page without all the noise created by my other sites, including my blog and homepage (See below).
However, as I was doing a search on the term “Find Jennifer,” I discovered that many of the entries had to do with missing Jennifers.
How depressing that so many women who share my first name have gone missing and remain missing.
These women have no voice, and most don’t have advocates building websites or Facebook pages to help bring them home.
Now I feel a bit guilty about owning this piece of virtual real estate for my own purposes, so I have decided to share by including links to Missing Person sites and news stories about missing Jennifers. If this site can facilitate in the safe return of a live person or (God forbid) a body, then, perhaps, my owning this site will have been worth it.
“Jennifer” is a fairly common name, but, still, I was stunned to discover so many missing Jennifers out there.
Some of the missing Jennifers listed on the web have been found alive or their bodies have been discovered – I haven’t added them here. This is not one of those grisly sites that posts terrible photos of dead bodies or hounds Jennifers who chose to disappear for whatever reason. Jennifers who have been found okay deserve their privacy, for it is not our business to know why they have chosen to disappear.
In the case of the dead, I choose to respect the family and their need for privacy at a difficult time.
I am assuming that the Jennifers listed on the left panel are still missing; if this is no longer case, please let me know, and I’ll remove the link.
Conversely, if you have a missing Jennifer site or missing person’s listing at your local police station and want more exposure, please send me Jennifer’s full name and the link, and I will add it.
The Contact Form is on the left panel.

For any missing person, please also consider setting up a dedicated website and Facebook page.

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